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The Power of Story and Behavior Change

There's more to storytelling than just a plot and a compelling story arc. Stories are also an extremely effective medium for teaching and influencing behavior. Science backs this up. Social Learning Theory, Observational Learning, Cultivation Theory, etc. all demonstrate that instructional storytelling leads to increased comprehension, better retention, and improved learning outcomes.

Stories mitigate the effects of cognitive load, anchor facts, and create a stage where skills and behaviors can be modeled. They also activate more areas of the brain so even your most reluctant participants stay engaged. Through a character's journey, learners see how actions and intentions align.


Tailored to Your Organization

There's no place like home. WILL knows your organization has a look, a feel, and a culture that is unique. Your training shouldn't be identical to everyone else's. Customize our award-winning courses to meet your training needs. You pick the topics you want to cover. Then add your branding, contact info, policies, and change text to reflect your company's unique values and language. Our concierge service makes it easy to turn our programs into your ideal solution.

Too often in Human Resources we encounter harassment prevention tools that are unscalable, ineffective, and wholly uninteresting. WILL Interactive's training programs were the best I've encountered in my time administering these tools - specifically in the way that our team engaged with and comprehended the content. Highly recommend!

Johnny Marcon, Vice President of Operations, Surfline

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Abusive Conduct Prevention