Pathways to Safer Opioid Use demonstrates best practices for safe opioid use among medical practitioners and patients. The goal is to reduce the staggering number of adverse drug events experienced each year due to the misuse of prescription drugs. Users play as four individuals: Dr. Martin Bright, Primary Care Physician; Dr. Katrina Lee, Pharmacist; Rhonda Clark, Nurse; and James Parker, Patient. Each individual has challenges, critical decision points, and an important role to play in ensuring the health and safety of patients living with pain.


Prevention of Adverse Drug Events


  • Health Literacy

  • Safe Opioid Use and Practices

  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Teach Back Method

  • Multi-Modal Approach

  • Empowering Patients


  • Scenario Modeling

  • Branching Decision Points

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Beautiful Graphic Design

Playable Characters

Katrina Lee


Rhonda Clark


Dr. Martin Bright

Primary Care Physician

James Parker



Notable Success

Pathways for Safer Opioid Use won the Communicator Gold Award of Excellence in Film and Video for Health And Wellness and the Telly Bronze Award for Online Video for Health and Fitness.


Let the numbers do the talking

> 9 0 %

Participant Satisfaction

3 1 %

Knowledge Improvement
in Pre-/Post-Test Results


Proven Effective

Pathways has undergone multiple studies proving its effectiveness.


This is such a great activity, and even gets me thinking about my interactions involving other patient issues, not just use of opioids. I will definitely utilize this in training our home care staff!

— Student,
CDC Train


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