Some professional skills are all about navigating the tricky terrain of human interactions. These skills can be difficult to teach and difficult to master, and the consequences of failure in these areas can be bad for individual development, teamwork, and even the overall health of your organization.

Business Class is a constantly expanding library of soft-skills tutorials that contains relevant lessons for new and seasoned professionals. Using WILL Interactive's Choose Your Own Journey® learning methodology, users enter into a variety of work environments and make choices as different characters to practice effective interpersonal interactions.

Keeping It Fresh

This isn’t cookie cutter training. No two courses in the Business Class collection are exactly alike, and WILL’s designers employ a variety of instructional strategies to promote engagement, retention, and a positive impact on attitudes and behaviors:

  • branching storyline interactive video
  • interactive quizzes/checks on knowledge
  • filmed tutorials
  • downloadable learning summaries

Topics for Today

The Business Class collection currently offers seven engaging 20-minute courses:

  • Tact in The Workplace
  • Professional Listening
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Managers and Feedback
  • Managing Stressful Workplaces
  • Building Resilient Teams

Coming Soon

In the near future, look for these new courses:

  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Full Spectrum Management
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Manager, Mentor, Coach

  • Scenario Modeling

  • Branching Storylines

  • Decision Points

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Assessments


  • Being spoken over in meetings

  • Understanding and addressing microaggressions

  • How to be an ally

  • Confronting nepotism and bias in promotions

  • Appreciating differences, including disabilities

  • How privilege manifests itself in the office

  • Being an empathetic leader

  • Having difficult conversations around sexuality, race, and gender identity

  • Legal protections for abuse and discrimination