A comprehensive, 16 episode solution designed to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Companies are building diverse workforces, but what about belonging?

Without a sense of belonging employees can’t achieve their potential. The barriers to belonging include:

  • Unconscious biases
  • Microaggressions
  • Inequitable management practices

The good news? These issues can be addressed and overcome by building a common baseline of understanding and providing tools to help your team unify.

A Brighter Tomorrow delivers a comprehensive education in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging to employees and leaders. DEI&B training has been shown to help create a culture of belonging.

Everyone needs to feel they can be themselves at work. Everyone wants to belong.

Belonging is Good For Business

Workplace belonging has been linked to a:

5 6 %

increase in job performance

5 0 %

reduction in turnover risk

7 5 %

decrease in employee sick days1

1 BetterUp Report on Belonging

Employing a diverse cast and fun, short modules, A Brighter Tomorrow teaches users the most prominent concepts in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in a welcoming format. Users identify with the stories because they’re based on real professionals' testimonies.

A Brighter Tomorrow's results-driven, science-based methodology is proven to change behaviors for your staff. And, it promotes:

  • An appreciation of difference
  • Improved collaboration
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Unbiased hiring and promotions
  • Increased retention
  • Reduced loneliness or alienation at work
  • Protection from discrimination
  • Fewer harassment and abuse claims or lawsuits

A Brighter Tomorrow employs WILL Interactive's unique Choose Your Own Journey™ format. With every story, users make decisions as a character who may be different from them. With a combination of compelling storytelling and data-supported facts, learners understand that DEI&B is good for individual growth, good for team building, and good for the bottom line.

A Brighter Tomorrow is the necessary next step in creating a culture of belonging and consists of 16 powerful modules that can be purchased individually or as a full suite for organizations that are seeking to make the greatest impact in their DEI&B efforts.


  • Scenario Modeling

  • Branching Storylines

  • Decision Points

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Assessments


  • Being spoken over in meetings

  • Understanding and addressing microaggressions

  • How to be an ally

  • Confronting nepotism and bias in promotions

  • Appreciating differences, including disabilities

  • How privilege manifests itself in the office

  • Being an empathetic leader

  • Having difficult conversations around sexuality, race, and gender identity

  • Legal protections for abuse and discrimination


Intention vs. Impact (Sexual Orientation)

Unconscious Bias

Neurodiversity (Respecting Differences)

Generational Diversity (Finding Commonality)

Empathy, Respect, and Listening

Allyship (Gender Diversity)



Bystander Intervention


Disability Awareness (Belonging)

Psychological Safety

Intercultural Competence (Listening for Leaders)

Race & Equity

Building Diverse Teams

Inclusive Leadership


Don't take our word for it? See how it works!


A Diverse Offering

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