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We've worked with every branch of the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and defense agencies.


Please make more of these. This is so much better than that avatar stuff. Real life nuances and no BS.

— US Army Soldier

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience working with the military is augmented by the real-life experience of veterans on our staff. We are sensitive to the unique culture of each branch.


Equipment Experts

We’ve worked with a wide variety of vehicles over the years, both stationary and underway. We also simulate explosives and actions with authentic detail.


Covering the Ranks

We've developed training for every level, from cadets to general officers, and military civilians. We speak the language of any position within military service. With credibility.


True to Life

We plan down to the last detail, to make sure every patch, every insignia is correct. Our programs look like they were filmed in actual military locations.


Proven Effective

Multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of our military products.


Above Board

Above Board walks new Navy cadets through the difficult world of sexual assault prevention.

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Above Board

Sexual Harassment | Training | Military

Above Board walks new Navy midshipmen through the difficult world of sexual assault prevention.

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Course Corrections

Ethics | Training | Military

Course Corrections takes naval officers on ship to make ethical descisions, build morale and increase team-work.

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Combat | Training | Military

Jumpmaster was developed to emphasize the critical need for attention to detail in high pressure situations.

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