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No two organizations are exactly alike, so why should their training be identical? See how easy it is to customize our courses to fit your priorities, your policies, and your style.

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Does one size really fit all? There is an ease of buying off-the-shelf training, but it isn't designed for your organization. It often doesn't fit. That's because your team has their own unique culture, terminology, and principles. WILL lets you shape your own ideal package with only the topics you need. All you have to do is choose. We'll take it from there and provide enjoyable, effective content.

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The words used in your industry and environment are unique and getting it right matters. With WILL, you can customize your courses to reflect your language and values. Easily customize text, links, and more from your own device. On every screen and with every word, let your learners hear your unique voice.

Custom Branding

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You've worked hard to develop your brand. Everything, including your training, should reflect that. Whether you use your LMS or ours, you can make our training feel like it's your own. Add your logo, your color palette, and your contact information. You can even add your corporate policies. With WILL, your brand is the one they will see.

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Allies in Training and Culture Change

Make our expertise part of your capabilities. For larger organizations, WILL collaborates with your L&D Departments on roll-out strategies, admin processes, evaluations, and customizations to suit your organization. We assist with what you need because when you succeed, so do we.

WILL Interactive doesn't replace your L&D department. WILL is its secret weapon.


The Power of Storytelling to Drive Change

Everyone loves a great story. We love stories because they have a powerful impact on learning and behavior. This isn't just a hunch — science backs this up. Stories enhance memory and application. Stories engage multiple parts of our brain, making learning dynamic. That's why all of our courses are built upon great storytelling paired with instructional rigor — and why our work is better than other training options available.

Custom Rollout

Seamless Integration and Administration

You don't want to fight the technology. Once you've settled on a premier training solution, you just want to click and go. With WILL, you can. We guarantee a seamless rollout of our training for your organization in our LMS or yours. We provide full implementation and tech support for both administrators and users. If you'd like to use our courses for stand-up training, contact us for robust support materials.

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Custom training, custom care. WILL is there for you at every step of the process to ensure seamless integration. We provide you with a customer success representative to guide you through deploying and managing your training solution. You're never alone.


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