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Our products have won awards from the industry's most prestigious organizations.



Sharon Sloane

Sharon created and patented the Interactive Behavior Modification System upon which WILL's VEILS® products are built. She is a pioneer and leader in the educational software and serious games industry with over 25 years experience producing cutting edge instructional programs. Sharon is frequently called upon by major organizations to address issues of national importance and received the Women in Film and Video, 'Women of Vision Award' for her contributions as a technical innovator, educator and savvy business owner.


Lyn McCall

Previous positions include program manager, marketing director, group director, and vice president. Lyn was a Harvard Senior Executive Fellow and was trained in Competitive Positioning through Quality by Dr. Deming. A 26-year U.S. Marine, he was an infantryman and pilot. He was decorated for heroism and heroic actions in Vietnam three times. Lyn had eight years of command time and was repeatedly recognized for inspirational leadership and distinguished service. He has 15 years in computer modeling and simulation.


Jeff Hall

A pioneer in the development of interactive storytelling for education and training. Jeff shares the interactive behavior modification system patent with Sharon Sloane upon which all of WILL's products are built. He has written and directed over two dozen feature-length interactive movies and has managed WILL's simulation development team since its founding.

Director of Business Development

Dave Versaw

Dave provides financial and business development leadership, executive program management for product development, and hands on contract acquisition and relationship administration for government and military clientele. Other responsibilities include oversight of WILL’s distributor network and government contracting vehicles. Prior to joining WILL in 2000, he served as VP of investment banking and mergers and acquisitions for a national top-ten investment banking firm.


Popular Publications

Our work has been featured in 20+ publications worldwide. We have presented keynotes or workshops in over one hundred conferences and seminars such as the American Psychological Association, the Serious Games Summit, and the American Film Institute.


See What Our Clients Have to Say

"It is obvious you’ve assembled the right team to execute your mission and that they are led in a supportive way. You’ve established a world-class organizational culture at WILL with leadership that guides, but does not stifle creativity and innovation."

— Scott Curran, Learning Strategist

"WILL programs are miles beyond what anyone has imagined yet."

— President
American School of Health Association

"THANK YOU for being absolutely extraordinary to collaborate with! From extraordinary people to products to support. I am a RAVING FAN!"

— Jennifer Arzberger
Director of Leadership and Organizational Development

"WILL has created the most powerful use of technology yet seen for helping people improve decision making about real life issues"

"Of all the resources applied to increasing soldier resilience, WILL Interactive videos have by far had the most positive impact."

— Lieutenant General, Army

"The Department of Health and Human Services, the American Psychological Association, and Georgetown University have benefited greatly from WILL's understanding of how to turn content expertise into real behavior change."

"This product has really become the flagship for our sound and sensible outreach work – so very grateful to be able to work with such a talented and kind group of people."

— Deputy Administrator, National Organic Program

"At first I was skeptical that something as stressful and intense as crisis management could be taught this way. Now I am totally convinced that this is the best way!"

— FBI Supervisory Special Agent