An Evolution
in Training Design


A lot of moving parts.
Created and assembled right here.

You could try to do this yourself, but we make the job easier. And more affordable.


Our creativity lives on a foundation of knowledge. We work with you to determine what combination of literature review, focus groups, interviews and other research will build a product that best serves your organization’s unique culture.


Experienced, accomplished script writers turn research into engrossing characters and interactive stories — stories that entertain and educate in a way that other training programs can't begin to emulate


In-house directors with decades of experience breathe life into the script as our producers, camera operators, and film crew give their full attention to every detail of your products.

Post Production

Our full-time, non-linear video editors work hand-in-hand with the director to shape the footage into a dynamic interactive experience.


Your interactive training lives in an attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. Our programmers and graphic designers make sure the finished product integrates seamlessly with your existing assets and LMS.


We host your product or deliver it on your platform. And it will work on any device. If you need back end metrics and analytics, we’ve got that covered, too.


Proven Effective

WILL is the creator of VEILS® — our proprietary interactive behavior modification process.

VEILS® programs are:

  • Research-Based

  • Science-Based

  • Evidence-Based


Literature reviews, subject matter expert interviews, and focus group meetings ensure that every product reflects real-world events. Audiences engage because they experience a reality they recognize.


WILL staff are experts in the science of learning. Elements of Bloom's Taxonomy and neuroscience are woven into each interactive experience. We increase knowledge, but more than that — we improve real-life attitudes, critical thinking, decision-making, and on-the-job performance.


Seven is a lucky number. Our products have been the subject of seven independent studies, each of which concluded that they actually increase knowledge and improve what individuals do in real life.

Technical Capabilities


Our expert team of software developers will work with you to ensure your training is fully integrated within your LMS, including SCORM, AICC, LTI, and many others.


Want to be hands off? We offer turnkey, scalable solutions for your unique situation.

Collecting Data

We responsibly track what your users are doing within our programs and present it in beautiful charts, so you can accurately measure success.

HD Video

Our production team uses the latest in camera technology to truly bring your training to life. It is also adaptive, so whether you are on your phone or your work computer, you can easily engage.

Responsive Design

Our programs are designed from the ground up to look amazing on phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops. No one will miss a thing.