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WILL Learning

Buy. Assign. Track. Report.

Buy. Assign. Track. Report.

The simple one stop platform that makes it easy to train your people. Take your company's training from tedious to extraordinary.


Start Training Now

Our award winning training programs are available for immediate purchase. You can start training your people in less than 5 minutes.

Volume discounts are available and automatically applied to your purchases.


Administration Made Easy

Use the WILL Learning platform to send out invitations and reminders, track and report everyone's progress, receive completion certificates, and download company-wide reports.


Verify Understanding

You can track your organization's progress overall and individually:

  • View every choice each user makes, including when they played, for how long and where they may have left off.

  • Create customized reports for your entire company and identify potential learning points for remediation.


Customize Your Training

Our platform allows you to customize the training to include your organization's logo and pertinent documents.


Expert Integration

Download an LMS package right from WILL Learning to integrate our programs on your LMS. No extra user accounts needed, no hassles. Be ready to train your users in minutes.

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